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As an author, you know how important live events are to gaining readers. You also understand the crucial role that independent booksellers play in your success. Booktalk Nation enables you to reach readers throughout the country and support your local independent bookstore at the same time.

It’s easy—just give a 30-minute phone or web video interview from your home, conducted by someone you know, with readers nationwide watching or listening in. A host bookseller will set up the event and affiliate booksellers around the country will promote it. Readers are invited to ask questions before or during the event and can order copies of your books, both new and backlist, through They’ll also be able to purchase signed books and have them personalized by you. Shortly after the interview, you'll coordinate with the host bookseller to sign the books.

Booktalk Nation is administered by the Authors Guild, but you don’t have to be a member to participate. Nor do you need to have a new book to promote. This is an opportunity to interact with readers both during and between publicity campaigns. These events can generate buzz and spur sales of a new book, or send readers digging into your backlist. Booktalk Nation events are also a great way to interact with readers who can’t attend your in-store events.

We are assembling a list of authors interested in participating. Please fill out the form and join us in building this national community of book lovers!



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