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Information for Booksellers

We're building a nationwide community of authors, readers, and independent booksellers. Please join us.
When you become a part of Booktalk Nation, your customers are invited to live author interviews, which they can participate in from the convenience of their homes or from anywhere they have access to a phone or the Internet. They can ask questions of the author and, when they purchase a book through, have it signed and personalized by the author.
You'll not only enhance relationships with your customers, who will thank you for telling them about these events, but build stronger ties to local writers and gain national exposure.
You'll also make money: Participating booksellers get a percentage of the sales made at an event—even if it takes place thousands of miles away. It's a way for authors to give a little back for promoting their event.
Booksellers can participate in two ways: by hosting event and by becoming an affiliate.

Hosting an Event

Booksellers who want to host events can let us know through the contact form.
When you host an event and one of your customers buys a book, you'll keep all of the profit, when there is no other affiliate to compensate.
As a host, your first step is to invite authors to participate. A writer doesn't need to have a new book to promote or be a member of the Authors Guild. But since the author will be coordinating with your store to sign books after the event, it may be helpful to find authors who live nearby or are planning a trip to your area.
If you're interested in receiving a list of authors who have expressed interest in Booktalk Nation, please let us know when you sign up.
Once you've lined up an author, you'll need to make a few preparations:
  • Choose someone to conduct the interview: it could be another writer, the author's editor or friend, or someone from your store. The interviewer should prepare a short introduction and a list of questions, including the questions submitted by readers. The discussion should last about a half-hour. We'll provide detailed instructions on how to manage the technical aspects of the event.
  • Submit your event on our bookseller site. Once we approve the event, it will become public on our main site.
  • Promote the event to your customers. Booksellers (affiliates) around the country will also promote the event to their customers.
  • Booktalk Nation will handle book orders and payments. Shortly after the event, the author will visit your store to sign and personalize books. Then it's up to you, as the host bookseller, to fill the orders.

Becoming an Affiliate

An affiliate's main responsibility is to spread the word about upcoming events, which will be listed on Likely, you already have effective ways of keeping in touch with customers. For more ideas about how to promote Booktalk Nation events, please get in touch with us using the form on this page.
When you sign up for Booktalk Nation, your store becomes an affiliate, and you'll earn a commission—typically 20% of the price—on your customers' purchases.
When you promote Booktalk Nation on your store's website or through an e-mail sent to your customer list, anyone who makes a purchase at is considered your customer.
You get credit for a purchase—and the 20% commission—regardless of whether a customer participates in an event.
We're recruiting hundreds of booksellers. To register as an affiliate or a host, please use the form to contact us.

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